Founded in 1976

Almoayyed TG Lighting

Almoayyed Air Conditioning and TG Lighting, France signed a Joint venture agreement to help boost more business opportunities in the field of lighting design and MEP projects in Bahrain.


In 1989, Thierry Guilhot began his apprenticeship and training in the field of artistic lighting.


The company was founded in 1976 by Alain Guilhot, his father. They then created his agency ‘‘TG LIGHTING Design’’.


Its objective is to continue the artistic passion that animates it, and propose innovative ideas put in lights, with Architects, Landscape & Real Estate Promoters, with emphasis on the development of lights for villas, parks, castles, hotels, interiors and exteriors, but also in the field of composition and lighting events.


He currently has over 30 projects in Bahrain; working closely with him will help bring in the execution of new jobs, and offering our clients professional lighting design services.


The Joint Venture, TGL with their expertise in Lighting design and Almoayyed Air conditioning with their expertise in execution of MEP projects will bring in a new dimension to the Electrical Lighting concept and will enhance the artistic and aesthetic quality of Electrical projects in the region with professional & innovative lighting design services and its execution.


Almoayyed TG Lighting

Bab Al Bahrain Manama

Customized lighting designed for one of Bahrain’s most iconic landmarks. The lighting highlights the architectural nuances of the structure in the night.

Almoayyed TG Lighting

Ritz Carlton Hotel

Lighting for the Ritz Carlton Hotel was designed and installed to create a majestic view in the evenings. The lighting not only highlights the structure but also reflects the grandeur of the hotel.

Almoayyed TG Lighting

National Museum Bahrain

The beauty of the Bahrain National museum is enhanced with lighting designed & commissioned by the TG lighting team.

Products and Services

Almoayyed TG Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Create innovative lighting designs for indoor and outdoor spaces & buildings.

Almoayyed TG Lighting

Event Lighting

Lighting composition for corporate events / stage productions and special functions.


The Ritz Carlton
Almoayyed TG Lighting



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Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain