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Wasel Delivery

At Wasel Delivery, we take convenience seriously, and for us, it’s about bringing you what you need, as soon you need it, with nothing but a few taps on the go. With Wasel Delivery you can “Order Anything. Anywhere”. It’s “Not your typical delivery App”, it’s your “Personal Driver”. It’s like having a personal assistant on the go or carry a sleek and effortless convenience store right in your pocket.


Wasel Delivery On-Demand Delivery puts hundreds of stores and thousands of items at your fingertips. Ranging from restaurant takeaways, party supplies, frozen foods, and household essentials, we’ve got what you need. Shoot us your order through our brand-new app and our friendly drivers will be at your door before you know it.

Products and Services

Wasel Delivery

Food Delivery & Shopping

Choose from a list of restaurants & other renowned outlets across Bahrain and order for your selected items to be delivered to your location.

Wasel Delivery

Order Anything

Upload details about the product you wish to purchase with details and we will purchase it and deliver it to you.

Wasel Delivery


Leave errands to us. Just upload the details of what you wish to have picked up or delivered for you and we will take care of it.


Wasel Delivery


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