We Ensure Your Cash is Processed Efficiently

Almoayyed Cash Processing Centre

At our cash processing center, we ensure your cash is processed efficiently. Our expert team validates and counts your banknotes, coins and cheques at our processing center. Once verified, the amount is reported back to bank/ customer to reconcile against your records, and is then credited directly into customer /bank account the next working day. This service can be combined with cash collections Subject to your bank’s approval.

Products and Services

Almoayyed Cash Processing Centre

Counting and sorting services

Using high-speed sorting technology we authenticate, count and sort cash with unprecedented speed and accuracy, detecting counterfeit bills and measuring quality for re-issue (fitness testing).

Almoayyed Cash Processing Centre

Vaulting services

Almoayyed Security branch facilities safeguard cash and coin inventories with state-of-the-art vault systems monitored by sophisticated surveillance and dedicated employees trained in security and firearms practices.

Almoayyed Cash Processing Centre

Bank services

Almoayyed Security provides cash shipment consolidation, breakdowns, standing and on-demand change orders and coin sorting, counting, wrapping and storage services.

Almoayyed Cash Processing Centre

Reconciliation services

We take daily receipt reconciliation and deposit preparation off-site. Cashiers simply place receipts into tamper-proof bags and store the bags in the safe. Our armored service picks up the bags and delivers them safely to our cash vault where professional tellers verify bag contents, balance your receipts, and prepare your deposits. Detailed activity reports maintain an audit trail to keep you informed every step of the way.

Almoayyed Cash Processing Centre

Deposit processing

We provide one-stop, integrated cash and cheque processing for branches, commercial, night drop contents, and other types of deposits.

Almoayyed Cash Processing Centre

ATM services

We take care of cash replenishment, deposit collection and ATM maintenance services combine with secure armored transportation for secure, reliable logistics services for any size ATM network.



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