Specialist Security Services

Almoayyed Security

Security personnel deployed by Almoayyed Security are a blend of retired Army, Police and other Para-military personnel from diverse cultures. The recruitment process of Almoayyed Security personnel requires checking of personal records with the CID, concerned competent authorities and the receipt of official police clearance certificates from the individual’s country of origin. All officers are licensed and trained as per the guidelines set by the Guard Training School, Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Bahrain.


Almoayyed Security also provides specialist security services for events. The company’s guarding services are aligned as per guidelines stipulated in BS 7499:2007 and cash transit services are aligned with BS 7872:2002 standards which are international accreditations.

Products and Services

Almoayyed Security

Manned Guarding Services

We provide manpower like Security Officers and Guards, Personal Security Officers (Body Guards), CCTV Operators, Car-Park Cashiers, Receptionists & Secretaries & Event Security Services.

Almoayyed Security

Vehicle Based Patrolling Services

Almoayyed Security provides patrolling services for remote bank ATMs, telephone towers & isolated sites. Our team maintains a log of visits using Radio-frequency identification.

Almoayyed Security

Centralized Monitoring System

CMS service is provided from a state-of-the-art control room for monitoring of remote sites via IP cameras. Monitoring of villas and other facilities with a combination of Security Officers and IP based cameras. Quick response teams are available round the clock responding to emergencies. We also follow up with Civil Defense and Ministry of Interior in reported situations.

Almoayyed Security

Cash In Transit (CIT) Services

We provide secure transfer of cash to and from banks, ATM replenishment, Multi-point cash collection, secure transfer of valuables, overnight Valuable Asset Caretaker Services & vaulting and processing of cash. We have a fleet of armored vehicles modified as per G2 International Standards & strict adherence to procedures set by British Standards BS 7872:2002. All operations are fully covered by comprehensive insurance. The overnight Vaulting Facility free of cost to the client.



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